Improving Insight: Recruitment Process

September 13, 2017 Britni Sehgal

Envoy is dedicated to bringing you the best support for your immigration needs. We’re excited to announce the latest Envoy product update and upcoming releases – read on to find out how we are striving to improve your experience through continual improvement of our platform and service delivery, including improvement to the recruitment process.

Added recruitment process features

The latest update of the Envoy platform includes an increased focus on making the recruitment process for green cards easier. Our role is to help HR pros like you understand what is needed throughout the recruitment process for green cards, but it’s also to help make that process easier.

Currently, much of the required recruitment process is handled behind the scenes. In order to provide total transparency into your cases, the Envoy platform now brings you the information you need to know so it’s visible right in the app – information about durations, job title, and locations of potential candidates.

Now, with this most recent Envoy product update, immigration managers can review applicants right inside the Envoy app. It’s an efficient, time-saving update that negates the need to log into any additional sites to pull this data.

With this update, we’ve focused on improving your experience within the Envoy platform, giving you more access to insights, assigning you a dedicated attorney and legal team and creating a new role for hiring managers. We’ve also improved the user experience for your foreign national employees by allowing employee profiles to be edited though the Account page and releasing a new mobile app so they can upload files and communicate directly with your assigned immigration attorney.

Want more information on the mobile app? Download our information sheet here.

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