Ideal H-1B LCA Filing Date Is March 1

February 23, 2018 Chelsea Iversen


The LCA is the step employers need to take before they can file a prospective employee’s H-1B visa petition. Once you file the LCA to the Department of Labor and your LCA is certified, the wages promised on the LCA, the occupation and the location specified are set. These conditions become important throughout the term of the H-1B visa since they set the stage for employer compliance.

March 1 is the recommended H-1B LCA filing date


March 1 is the recommended H-1B LCA filing date

We recommend March 1 as the H-1B LCA filing date to give the Department of Labor (DOL) enough time to process your LCA and in case there are any issues that need to be addressed. By filing early enough, you can have your LCA certification before your H-1B petition is submitted when the cap opens on April 1. (See other important H-1B cap season dates here.)

What is an LCA?

A Labor Condition Application (LCA) is preliminary paperwork submitted to the Department of Labor (DOL) by a company looking to hire an H-1B employee. The LCA identifies a fair wage for the prospective employee as well as fair working conditions and ensures that there’s no strike taking place at the time of filing. It’s essential that you comply with the conditions certified in your LCA throughout the duration of the H-1B visa, or you could face penalties. Once your LCA is approved, you’ll receive a LCA certification that permits you eligibility for an H-1B petition.

Request an appropriate wage

H-1B LCA filing date - request an appropriate wage

Make sure you request the appropriate wage for your H-1B candidate. Do your homework to find out what the wage would be for others in the same role, with the same experience in the same location. If the wage you offer to your candidate is too low, it could lead to issues with the LCA applications. This could prolong the certification process and possibly bump up against the H-1B petition cap close.

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