I Want to Work in the U.S., But Where Can I Find Visa Jobs?

July 14, 2016 Jamie Gilpin

Sometimes, foreign nationals ask Envoy how we can help them find jobs. While we enable organizations and individuals to more efficiently navigate the immigration process, our focus is on technology and legal services, not job placement. However, we can provide you with a few ideas of where to start your search.

Immigrant-specific sites

These sites are specifically tailored to foreign nationals looking for U.S. work visa sponsorship. The bulk of the postings are for high-skilled technical positions, as well as some management, data entry and finance roles.

The largest employment website for foreign workers seeking opportunities in United States, with sections for H-1B workers, international students and those seeking green card sponsorship.

A job board for high-skilled, international-worker friendly jobs.

General job sites
The bigger job boards below are the same ones that U.S. candidates use to search for jobs. Unlike the job sites above, employers are probably not posting positions with immigration in mind – but if you have the right qualifications, some employers are happy to sponsor foreign nationals for U.S. work authorization.

A huge job search site with international and niche offshoots.

Ideal for networking and developing your personal profile.

Get insight into company culture and salaries posted by current and former employees, as well as job listings.

The most-visited global job site, with millions of site visitors from 50 countries each month.

Country-specific job sites

These boards contain jobs posted in their respective countries. However, many of the employers included are global companies that may provide opportunities all over the world. In fact, some U.S. employers are turning to these country-specific sites to recruit technical roles they have been unable to fill with U.S. candidates.

India: Naukri.com; Shine.com

China: 51job.com; Zhaopin.com

Mexico: CompuTrabajo.com.mx; OCCmundial.com.mx

Immigrant-friendly organizations

If you’re having trouble getting traction through online resources, try contacting the organizations below to help match you with employers that are looking for candidates with your skill set.

Upwardly Global
If you’re already in the United States and have work authorization, Upwardly Global offers guidance in rebuilding your professional career.

Global Talent Bridge
Global Talent Bridge works with community partners and organizations to help skilled immigrants use their experience and education in the United States.

Illinois: North American Institute for Mexican Advancement (NAIMA)
NAIMA’s mission is to support and advance the Mexican community, and it has a job board within its own site that posts Chicago-area opportunities. The organization also hosts events and immigrant outreach programs.

Indiana: Immigrant Welcome Center
The Immigrant Welcome Center helps connect immigrants and foreign nationals to legal assistance, jobs and English as a second language resources.

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