HR Tech Series: 3 game-changing performance management tools

April 8, 2016 Patty Johnson-Vazquez

Is your performance management and goal review process outdated?

If the feedback collection system involves a spreadsheet form, bi-yearly reviews and manager assessments, then the answer is a resounding yes.

Improper performance and goal management processes not only halt progress, but can lead to disengaged employees. HR software technology has solved these problems by helping identify and address issues with goal attainment early on by putting development and feedback tools at employees’ fingertips.

Here are a few areas where HR software is changing the performance management game for the better.

360-degree feedback

If feedback only goes one way in your organization then you’re losing out on valuable insight into your company. 360-degree feedback is not just for companies trying to achieve more transparency, it allows performance reviews to be conducted by managers, peers and direct reports, giving organizations a holistic view of a team’s dynamic.

Small Improvements has a robust 360-degree feedback platform that allows employees to request constructive feedback from anyone within the company. You can adjust whether reviews are made anonymously or with names attached, helping you control the level of transparency. You can also include questions to get more quality feedback that allows not only you but your employees to to learn from the comments.

Web-assisted employee development

Performance goes hand in hand with employee development, which is why many software providers are injecting educational tools directly into their products.

BetterWorks, a goal setting and performance management company, recently expanded its product offering to include a real-time coaching module that allows managers to give direct reports daily guidance to help them become high performers and advance in their careers. Additionally, the software breaks down goals into quarterly assessments with realistic milestones and completion points for each objective.

Engagedly features an online learning tool that enables employees to take online courses and accumulate points, generating measurable employee development data for your company.

Peer-to-peer motivation

Silos are a constant problem faced by many organizations. Peer-to-peer engagement software is one way to combat the issue and support employees in their day-to-day tasks.

PeopleGoal’s management tool has a social recognition feature that allows managers and peers to recognize an employee’s progress publicly. Then, individuals company-wide may comment and give additional praise to the employee. This cross-departmental communication helps each staff member follow co-workers’ progress in real-time and removes the veil between different departments’ initiatives.

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