HR data: Using Analytics for Better Recruiting

November 29, 2016 Laurie Ruettimann

HR data is pivotal in making strategic decisions.

Finding the right talent for hard-to-fill roles, especially in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) positions, is challenging. That’s why we created the ultimate go-to guide for recruiting foreign talent. In our ebook Hiring a Foreign National Employee: Essential Sourcing and Screening Guide, author, speaker and consultant Laurie Ruettimann asked five leading HR influencers how to create a talent acquisition strategy that will help you source and screen the best global talent. Here’s an excerpt from one of our experts.

Envoy Jennifer McClure
Jennifer McClure

Jennifer McClure is president of Unbridled Talent and a sought-after business adviser. She combines her expertise as an executive recruiter with practical strategies to help organizations deliver results.

McClure provides valuable advice for talent acquisition professionals who would like to hire international talent but must first make the case for change with their executive leadership teams.

1. Benchmark your HR data against your peers.

One effective way to make the case for change is to obtain benchmark data to support your proposal. Local recruiting associations make it easy to talk to a competitor or even someone who is recruiting similar talent. Ask for help and see if someone would be willing to share market intelligence or trends that help you make your case for change. In the future, pay it forward and be a source of data for another recruiter who might be interested in doing what you’re doing right now.

2. Use HR data to drive your recruiting plan.

Change is hard. If your company has never hired foreign nationals, you might anticipate pushback and be unsure how to handle it. Confidence is key. Make sure your data is rock solid and that you know the ins and outs of your proposal. Try to anticipate the objections and prepare for positive conflict. It helps to rehearse your major points with a supportive colleague.

3. Ask for help from an expert.

Hiring managers and C-level leaders don’t have time for an hour-long meeting with a vendor who wants to pitch them on services. But as a talent acquisition professional, you know that external expertise is important in making business decisions. Ask your hiring managers or executives to participate in a 10-minute call with a vendor. Focus on the success your competitors are having in the market by hiring foreign nationals. Craft the meeting agenda around market intelligence, and show your leadership team how your sourcing and hiring problems can be solved through smart data analysis.

>4. Fact-check your own sourcing and recruiting strategy.

Many seasoned recruiters operate at a gut level because they think their instincts never lead them wrong. Don’t assume that your recruiting strategy is or isn’t working — show it via data. If you don’t have supporting evidence, set some goals and track your progress. Move forward with a proposal to solve a problem with data in hand.

To read more insights like these, download our ebook, Hiring a Foreign National Employee: Essential Sourcing & Screening Guide. 

Laurie Reutimann

Laurie Ruettimann is a former human resources leader turned influential speaker, writer and strategist. She owns a human resources consultancy firm that offers a wide array of services to HR leaders and executives. Reuttimann sits on the strategic advisory boards at Vestrics and BlackbookHR, two HR technology firms focused on learning analytics, big data and employee engagement. She is also recognized as one of the Top 5 career advisors by CareerBuilder and CNN.

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