Global Talent Lays the Foundation for a World-Ready Workforce

November 29, 2016 Patty Johnson-Vazquez

Global talent does more than just solve the growing U.S. skills gap. Global talent provides organizations with the necessary resources to best position themselves for growth and lasting success.

You don’t know what you don’t know
Through strategic hiring, you’ve no doubt amassed a wealth of human capital resources that provide the foundation of your business. You turn to them to deliver goods and services based on your particular market’s needs and your organization’s mission and values.

But how strong is that foundation? Is it ready to tackle the global market?

If there was a project with an international audience, would you be able to source the knowledge internally from a trusted employee to bring it to fruition? Having to outsource a global mindset to leverage international markets is not efficient use of a workforce.

And it’s not world-ready.

Having a world-ready workforce means being able to take advantage of the world’s knowledge base and pursue opportunities no matter the destination.

Global talent is your untapped resource that could catapult your organization to success through skill sharing, insight into new markets, unique business acumen and more.

Diversity of thought and customer base

High-revenue companies are already changing their recruiting practices. According to The Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking Report by Stacia Garr, 44 percent of Fortune 500 companies invest in workforce diversity for the innovative and agile mindsets those workers bring.

Innovation is just the beginning. Global talent, in particular, is extremely community minded. These traits exhibit themselves in resource sharing. When they move to a new community, they bring their connection to friends and family with them, offering a variety of new resources, such as access to your product or services.

“[Foreign nationals] are going to do business and come back and educate their community members about the business investment,” says Djimet Dogo, head of employment services of Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, a state-funded organization that helps immigrants become self-sufficient in their new environments.

This practice of sharing resources is commonplace, since these individuals often have limited access to select services, such as real estate investment and health insurance, in their home countries.

Gaining the best talent for the role, period
Is your organization ready to tackle the world? That is, do you have the best tools to accomplish your goals and capitalize on the international market? Without global talent, the answer is no.

If you’re struggling to find the right person to fill your open roles, yet you don’t consider global recruiting, you’re selling your organization short. You’re not equipping it with the best tools to help actualize its vision.

The U.S. skills gap is real, but there are plenty of qualified individuals waiting and ready to be hired around the world. You just have to take a proactive step and consider them for your role.

For more information on how to recruit the best talent, visit world-ready workforce.

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