Found the Perfect Candidate? Here Are Two Ways to Attract Global Talent

July 18, 2016 Patty Johnson-Vazquez


Far from being reactive, establishing a green card policy or an immigration-related perk package at your company immediately makes you more desirable as an employer for top international talent. In fact, we interviewed 700 visa and green card holders (in partnership with Harris Poll) for our Global Talent Perspectives 2016 report — and their answers will help you create an employer value proposition that makes you stand out to high-skilled employees from all over the world.

1. Establish a green card policy at your organization.

Visa holders are significantly attracted to and favor companies with an established green card policy. If your candidates know that your organization supports their journey to stay in the United States, they’ll be more eager to work for you — and more likely to stay longer. STEM and non-STEM visa holders value a green card policy about equally. Only 8% of expats say it’s not important at all. How important is a green card policy in your decision to seek out or accept a position with a company?

2. Assemble an immigration-related perk package.

We found that most expats expect companies to provide some form of an immigration-related perk package — and not having one could cause you to lose out on talent. In fact, 60 percent of visa holders say their current company offered them a perk package relevant to their immigration experience. The packages contain a variety of perks outside of their typical benefits package, including transportation, housing and travel.

What was included in your immigration-related perk package?

Ready to start building an immigration perk package or build a green card policy? Read our guide, 4 Tactics for Building an Immigration Policy That Attracts and Retains Global Talent. 


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