Day 2 #SHRM16 – The Cliffs Notes

June 21, 2016 Patty Johnson-Vazquez

Every day of SHRM 2016, VISANOW CMO Jamie Gilpin will blog her thoughts from the conference. Here’s the latest update. 

After a full day of SHRM, you are either energized or drained. I feel more drained than yesterday but still energized — some really great content and conversations. I teamed up with our HR team to divide and conquer the sessions. Thank you Britt Harris and Kelly McNamara! Here are our collective takeaways:

Creating Mindful Inclusion: Building Organizations that Mitigate Bias with Howard J. Ross

Bias is inherently flawed, but we can’t fool ourselves into thinking we can remove it from our minds. But being aware and instituting a three-pronged approach — education, priming and systems — to mitigate the impact of bias on our decisions is the key. Education brings awareness, priming puts that awareness into action and systems help hold us accountable. I thought the tactical example of removing names from resumes was helpful.

Building Blocks to Effective Performance Management with Suzanne Kirk

Are you mirroring your customer-facing brand and promise internally with your employees? How are you living this brand promise at each stage of the employment life cycle? Each employee should understand the connection of their role to the strategic plan, the customer and the bottom line…from Day One. When it comes to performance, it’s not just about skills. Some people are very competent in their jobs but will leave a wake of dead bodies behind them. When it comes to evaluations, it’s not about the form, tool or rating scale. What matters is the authentic dialogue between a manager and a member of their team. I have always talked about giving feedback early and often. Don’t wait for a review or meeting to give feedback.

Living for the Weekday: The Employee Side of Employee Engagement with Clint Swindall

Recent results from Gallup show that 32% of employees are engaged, 50% are disengaged and 18% actively disengaged. Where do your employees fall? Why does it matter? Every day you walk through the doors of your office you are either adding to or taking away from the culture of the organization. There is no middle ground. The leader’s role: Create a culture where people want to be. Become a weekday warrior by mastering these five areas in your life: career, relationships, health, finances and spirituality.

Manager Onboarding: Setting New Leaders Up for Success with Sharlyn Lauby

Managers’ No. 1 job is to find and train their replacement. Then they put themselves in the position to go do other (greater) things. This doesn’t make managers dispensable — it gives them more opportunities. I’ve never met a stressed out manager with a calm team. Our role in HR is to help managers navigate the organization. Tell them where the land mines are. When you can turn the outcome of “what makes the employees feel good” into a number (ROI), you’ll get more buy-in, but when talking about numbers, don’t forget the value of a story.

Communicating Total Compensation and Benefits to Millennials (i.e. explaining really complex subjects to people who don’t care) – Karl Ahlrichs

Here is a good structure for communication: Rediscover Your Audience > Get Better at the Basics > Streamline Your Message > Vary the Format

  • Be simple, precise and concise (tl;dr).
  • Give the punchline first.
  • Consistency in message; variety in format.
  • Start with results. If those are meaningful, they’ll read the details.

Creating a Culture of High Trust: 10 Things Every Organization Must Do to Experience High Trust with Richard Flagerin

Here are 10 ways to build a trust model based on integrity, competence and compassion:

  1. Make your people thirsty. Create a vision for your organization and team so that they want to drink. People want to be connected to a cause.
  2. Enlist the top to drive from the bottom. Get the executive team on board. They need to buy into the mission.
  3. Tell. The. Truth. Communication is key. Seek out feedback. If you stop asking for feedback, you won’t get it.
  4. Weed your garden. People who can’t get it, won’t get it, and should be weeded out to let others flourish.
  5. Tell their story. Tell the story of your employees and how fantastic they are in the context of someone else’s story (organization-wide, with clients). Be their guide and let them be the hero.
  6. Fight fair and fight often. Conflict is the doorway to intimacy. Candor with care.
  7. Accumulate experiences. Get behind your employees and their interests and drive those experiences, not activities.
  8. Make meetings matter. Have an agenda. Ask for feedback on how to improve. Bottom line, make meetings intentional.
  9. Assume the best of everyone. Start off by presuming positive intent. Let them prove you wrong before jumping to your own conclusions.
  10. Lead STRONG. Focus on core strengths of others and help guide them to be effective, efficient and productive.

I had to leave early to meet with some of my favorite customers at SimCorp and missed Jennifer McClure’s session, Take Control of Your Personal Brand to Help Your Career and Your Organization Grow. I kept up with some tweets and it looks like she nailed it (per usual). One of my favorites: “You have a personal brand whether you know it or not. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, be memorable.”

Here are my recommendations for sessions today:

  • Managing Virtual Teams & Leading in a Flexible Work Environment: The Where, When and How with Giselle Kovary (7:00am)
  • Technology Meets HR: Selecting and Justifying the Right Solution with Joe Rotella (10:45am)
  • HP’s Global Separation: The HR Journey with Cheryl Mohr (10:45am)
  • HR on Purpose! Five Ways to Own, Lead and Integrate HR Throughout Your Organization with Steve Browne (2:15pm)
  • Working with Humans: Behavioral Science Insights for HR with Joe Gerstandt (4:00pm)

Last day for the exhibit hall so make sure you come see us booth 637! Grab a hula hoop and get a demo of our platform that truly simplifies the immigration process for you and your candidates and employees. Post a pic with #nomorehoops and #SHRM16 for a chance to win one of two $500 airline tickets we are giving away today.

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