Brazilian E-Visas Now Available for Applicants from U.S., Canada and Japan

March 29, 2018 Chelsea Iversen

Brazilian E-visas: What’s New

Brazilian e-visas: what's new

Brazil has established a new system of applying for visitor visas for citizens of some countries. Citizens of Canada, the U.S. and Japan are now eligible to apply for electronic visas for travel to Brazil. The new program for Brazilian e-visas launched last fall, opening up to applicants from Australia in November.

Now, nationals from these countries are free to apply for business and tourist visas online rather than apply in person at a Brazilian consulate. Once approved, eligible travelers should receive their e-visa within 72 hours. The e-visa is valid for two years, for a maximum of 90 days per visit.

Not only does this step make the visa application process for some international travelers to Brazil more efficient, it also saves time with a shortened visa processing time.

More information and application details can be found here.

Brazil’s new approach to immigration

As of November 2017, Brazil enacted its New Immigration Law, with the intention of streamlining immigration and attracting foreign workers and visitors to the country. In addition, the new legislation aims to simplify the entrance and permanent residence procedures for foreign nationals in Brazil.

Implementation of the law started right away by redefining the rights of foreigners in Brazil and Brazilian migrants abroad. Since then, a series of resolutions have been established to formalize and clarify certain categories of immigrant visas. Now, more family- and employment-based visa categories are available, and the increasingly loosened barriers to entry are encouraging more foreigners to visit, live and work in Brazil.

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